Artist Statement

I am privileged to spend my days creating and expressing myself through paint on canvas. My artwork is known for its bold color, sharp contrast and unique perspective.  In fact, this is how I see the world and it’s what motivates me to paint. My boldness on the canvas comes out of a frustration with photography which I find rarely captures the depth and brilliance of what I see and how I see it. Paint and the canvas allow limitless possibilities and interpretations that is freeing and empowering. Although I do often work from my own photos I am also able to work from my mind’s eye. There is literally nothing I won’t paint. I enjoy challenging the viewer to see beauty in unexpected places …like graffiti on train cars or the flourishing growth of weeds in my yard. We are absolutely surrounded with beauty but not every eye is trained to see it. This is my calling, to shine a light on the beauty.


I work solely in acrylic because I enjoy the vibrancy of color and the ease of workability it affords. The fast drying time works well with my impatient character. I am best known for my smooth, flowing style that is less often seen with acrylic paints. With the help of polymer and glazing mediums I am able to achieve a fluidity that guides the viewer into the movement and flow found in my big Alberta sky pieces.


My art is strongly influenced by my faith and a belief that this big, bold, beautiful world was created by a big, bold, beautifully and creative God. Creativity for me is a process of letting go and an exercise in trust. The more I trust this innate gift God chose for me, the more the gift is able to grow. I like to say that I am the brush and God is the hand.

I believe to be an artist is an ongoing process of change, always moving, growing and adapting. Taking life's experiences, lessons learned, truths realized and focusing the artwork through these things, like light through a magnifying glass. 


I paint from my home studio in Bearspaw, Alberta where, beneath it all, I am a happily exhausted mother of three teenagers, married to my best friend and husband of 20 years.  I hold a degree in nursing which goes completely unused day after day. God has simply, steadily and consistently directed me away from a career in health care and toward a life in the arts…and I am thrilled to see where the journey takes me. I hope I can, at least in part, convey God’s creativity and grandeur through my work.

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